DEEP SOUTH BRAND - original institutional product line.  Consisting of sausage seasonings, meat seasonings, meat cures, seasoned marinades, sausage casings for fresh sausage, and labels for fresh sausage, meats, and stuffings.

CAJUN LAND BRAND - Cajun retail line of products intended for retail sale.  Consisting of seasonings, cajun rice mixes, seafood boils, fish fry, and tamale making kits.

SOUTHERN BLENDS - This product line is a premium line blended specifically for institutional use. Consisting of fresh sausage seasonings, rotisserie poultry seasonings, pre-blended rice, stuffing, chili mixes, and unseasoned meat tenderizers.

CUSTOM BLENDING - custom product blending and packaging.

SPICE IDEAS -  Gourmet personalized spice sets for personal use, retail sale, gifts, and special occasions.



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