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Deep South Blenders History

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Three Generations • Two Brands

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Deep South Blenders has called New Orleans home for nearly 50 years and we intend to keep it that way. In fact, we’re the oldest family-owned spice company in New Orleans.

Whether you are a New Orleans local or just somebody who wants to eat like one, Deep South Blenders has the seasonings, spices, coatings, and entrée mixes that can help you recreate the iconic Creole cuisine of our great city. 

Deep South Blenders original home on Perrier Street in New Orleans
Deep South Blenders in 1972

Ed, Sean, & Kim Brown begin Deep South Blenders out of a plant no larger than a one car-garage. The initial emphasis is on supplying pre-blended spices and ingredients to sausage kitchens. The first two accounts they acquire remain customers to this day.

Deep South Blenders in 1974 on Freret Street in New Orleans

The growing business moves to an 870 square foot plant on Freret Street in New Orleans, LA which they quickly outgrow.

Deep South Blenders in 1976 on Derbigny Street in Metairie
Deep South Blenders in 1976

Derbigny Street in Metairie, LA is home to their third production facility for the next 16 years. This is a time of tremendous growth for the company as it now offers custom blending and private label product services to an ever-increasing customer base.

April 1988 Newspaper Coupons from the New Orleans Times Picayune
April 1988 Newspaper Coupons

April 1988 Newspaper Ad from the new Orleans Times Picayune
April 1988 Newspaper Ad

The Brown family extends into the grocery retail business with the Cajun Land Brand of products. What starts out as little packets of spices dangling from hard-to-find shelf space, grows steadily into a line that now consists of over 30 items available in supermarkets all across the Southeastern US.

Deep South Blenders current home in Jefferson Louisiana
Deep South Blenders in 1992

The business moves to its current location on 720 St. George Street in Jefferson, LA where it enjoys continued growth.

Today Deep South Blenders is on the cusp of additional plant growth. We remain a family owned business that is focused on serving our community and offering our customers superior products at a fair price.

Deep South  Blenders in 2021


– The Brown Family